Sunday, February 22, 2009

A little about me before I really start blogging

I have been a granite memorial artist for over 15 years. Working on large and small family monuments and memorials, I hand etched portraits and scenes of their choosing. Everything from dump trucks to angels. Although extremely rewarding, I found the need to venture out of my comfort zone in hopes of finding color and excitement. I also decided to get a laser to help with granite etching. I never anticipated the learning curve on that! Almost three years later, I find my self emerged in more and more computer related endeavors than could ever have been imagined. The torture of learning to first turn on a computer, as the deliverymen were unloading the beast from their truck in my drive, to the complications and the Everest I needed to conquer. I will always be learning something new with new technology, and hopefully be creating new designs for years to come. I now enjoy making this jewelry the most, and I hope it will be the bulk of my work. I continue to specialize in portraits and work with granite, glass, acrylic, and more. My website with laser, portraits, laser jewelry shows a few ideas, or to find my jewelry on Etsy Laser Jewelry.